Review: The God Stone

Review: The God Stone

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So, there are a bunch of gods, each one personifying something. For example, there are animal deities, then above them are the higher ranked gods of wind, fire, death etc., and even further above them are the four God Lords. Now enters someone called “the Splitter” who somehow kills a God Lord, and crams its soul into a stone, thus granting humans everywhere the ability to “channel” power through stones.

That is the basic story of The God Stone.

If you want an even quicker synopsis: This is an “action/comedy story about four people from very different backgrounds trying to fix their idiotic mistakes”

What those mistakes are I’m not entirely sure just yet, but I have a few guesses.

This comic is full of interesting lore and backstory that has yet to be revealed so it has me excited to see where it goes. The Prologue has just enough mystery to it while also giving you a decent grasp of the world through the eyes of one of the characters. Honestly, the only way to make it better, in my opinion, would be to have actually shown the moment the god was killed. Slaying a god is no small feat so you can only imagine how bad ass it would have looked. Of course, maybe things aren’t as they seem, who knows maybe the god let the Splitter kill him.

The art style in the first few pages after the prologue is rather rough and sketchy, almost as if it was done on physical paper, showing very obviously that this comic was started quite a bit ago before seeming to stop for a few years before returning with obviously improved technique. Personally, I like how the art looks in both instances, but that’s probably stating the obvious at this point.

Over all, I really like where this story is going, though it jumps around a bit too frequently between characters sometimes when it slows down and allows them to breathe and develop it is a fantastic story. Give it a read and tell me what you think.

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