Review: The Dirt Crown

Review: The Dirt Crown

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The Dirt Crown is a fantasy comic about a world that has faced an apocalyptic event and the people who struggle with the loss of loved ones afterward. It is the story of these young people and their personal struggles that come with dealing with their loss and eventually being forced far from home only to discover that fate and destiny don’t exist, we each forge ahead on our own paths, and only you can find your own happiness.

We follow the story of Tum and Olea, two people who lost almost everything during the event and have been doing their best to cope over the years. Tum seems to have slipped into a deep depression, slowly filling with anxieties and questions as to what happened, but drowning it all in booze or just by trudging through life. Olea, his dear friend, has managed to mourn and mostly move on and wishes nothing more than for Tum to do so as well. She tries her best to include him in her activities so his mind might be off of the darker thoughts but is always willing to talk and spend time with him no matter what. True friends to the end it seems.

The Dirt Crown is another comic by @reapersun  though this one is far more story heavy than Sweet Bear is. This one is a lot heavier and focuses on very personal loss and struggle that anyone can go through even in our own world. It’s on a sort of hiatus while Sweet Bear is being done so only the first chapter has been done so far, but that is plenty to get the feel of this comic. It is a bit wonky to navigate to each page though since some of the links to go to the next are missing so if those could be fixed (or if the comic could get its own website but that kind of thing takes time and is understandable) that would be awesome. For now, I just gotta say if those links could be fixed it would be so much easier to read is all.

The art is very different when compared to the previous one I reviewed. Whereas Sweet Bear was a bright, cartoony, chibi-esque style The Dirt Crown is much more realistic with a heavier focus on darker or muted colors. It really sets the mood of how this world is still struggling with the losses and really allows for the brighter and warmer colors to shine when they are present.

A lot of potential here, plenty of room for a truly epic tale, and lots of room for character development. The Dirt Crown is one of those comics I really hope comes off hiatus as soon as possible because honestly I really want to read more of it. Read through it and let me know what ya think!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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