Review: The Demon Archives

Review: The Demon Archives

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Today I’d like to thank Daniel Sharp for contacting me and actually asking me to review his comic. It is a great feeling when a creator directly contacts you and asks you to evaluate their work, and I hope many others will come to me in the future. I am always happy to review any comics. Now onto the review!

The Demon Archives is a is a story that takes place in the twenty-second century. We have experienced the third world war, and have since caused a nuclear apocalypse. Humans have dwindled greatly, living in small pockets of individual factions, yet still trying hard to advance forward into the future and make the best of what they have.

Our main characters are Tenzin Dorje, the captain of a squad of soldier known as Keleres, the top squad in Aegis, and Jane, an experimental AI that was given to Tenzin for reasons not something called the Oracle Project. She seems to have developed her own emotions and the capacity to care deeply for others, and nobody knows why.

While on a mission that Tenzin refers to as “babysitting” things go wrong, and he loses a lot of people and things just spiral out of control from there.

This story is harsh, and brutal, and wrenching, and I love it. Usually in Post apocalyptic stories we get lots of strange monsters and people mutating heavily. In this one we have just some awesome science, and interesting characters. It’s really refreshing to see.

The art is awesome, though kinda rugged looking at first, but quickly gets much cleaner and toned. It is bright when needed, and dark when necessary. The Demon Archives is an amazing story that I hope to read for years to come.

Here’s the patreon page for those wanting to directly contribute.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


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