Review: Starfell

Review: Starfell

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Starfell is an adorable little comic about a young little sprite named Fell who was literally just created by a magnificent goddess. Being just born a few moments ago they have their mind utterly blown when this entity shows them the creations of stars. A swirling cloud of shines and sparkles that blankets a portion of the sky as they watch. from what we see, as the prologue is done completely without dialogue, it is now Fell’s job to fill the sky with stars all around the world. While fulfilling this new found responsibility they come across a different shine, it is the shine of a young girl wishing with all her might for something. Fell touches this strange star and somehow grants the wish, then continues on to his way, intent on now granting more wishes.

This comic is just an all new level of cuteness. It shows a strange magical element of the world and fills me with a sense of wonder and whimsical joy while reading the prologue. At the same time it also tells such a great story. I mean, if the first portion of this comic was all there was I think it would be a haunting short comic. (you’ll see what I mean at the end of the prologue) I’m so glad we get to see where this story goes and exactly what Fell will do in his adventures and journeys.

The art work is just to die for, much like the story itself it has a joy and cuteness to it that just fills me with all sorts of happy thoughts. At the suggestion of the artist I even put on some classical music while clicking through and man, it was just so beautiful. I can only home someone with editing abilities can put together a little music video along those lines. Maybe they already have in which case send me a link!

I just really adore this comic. It has a very well done silent introduction, a sudden shift in mood, and what looks like very good humor. It has found a special place in my heart right next to so many other of my favorites. Give it a read, since it’s relatively short at the moment it should give you plenty of time to catch up!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

I didn’t find a patreon for the artist or the comic, but if you wanna throw some well wishes their way be sure to follow them on Tumblr @hopedoodleslite​ and on Twitter @kmarsing. If there is a patreon please let me know so i may put a link on here! As for me, if you like my reviews please support me on my Patreon page.


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