Review: Spread Your Wings

Review: Spread Your Wings

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Spread Your Wings is a webcomic about a young girl named Lani trying to hide her wings from her teachers and classmates. Because of this she has sort of ostracized herself from having any friends and is starting to feel frustrated that these wings seem to be controlling her entire life. One day things aren’t as they usually are, her wings seem to be acting out, trying to expose themselves. What this will lead to we’ll just have to see.

This is an old song and dance for me, but Spread Your Wings is one of two comics by an artist I really enjoy that somehow got lost in the chaotic shuffle of my life. I should have reviewed these sooner and for not doing so I am very sorry. Anyways, onward to the review!

The story is one we’ve seen in all forms of media: the main character has a supernatural trait and or ability, attempts to hide said trait their whole life, fails at one point or another and either comedy or tragedy ensue. While this sort of genre isn’t overly done there are definitely other stories like it is all I’m saying really, but this one I feel focuses more on the anxiety these wings seem to give Lani. It’s all my own opinion, but we see her very nearly having a panic attack pretty early on as her wings get harder and harder to control. On the other side of that, we also get to see a developing friendship between Lani and one of her classmates. It’s unknown territory for her and it is so cute and enjoyable to see her flounder around trying to make a proper friend.

The art is very well done, showing obvious practice in their style. The expression of the characters are just amazing, even in the first few pages we get some wonderful shots of Lani pulling what I can only describe as the “frustrated teen” face perfectly. There are so many faces that she makes that I just know I probably made dozens of times when I was younger they bring a smile to my face every time I see one.

There are only thirty or so pages in this comic, and I’m not entirely sure how long it’s going to be, so start reading now and enjoy the story while you can. See the cuteness that is Lani Lynwood and her everyday struggle of having wings.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

I couldn’t find a patreon page you could go to sadly, though I am often wrong, but you can follow Wendy on Tumblr @wendylianmartin and twitter @wendycomics for updates and shenanigans. Feel free to ask for commissions if you want! Like my reviews? Well, be sure to check out my Patreon page if you can.


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