Review: Small Blessings

Review: Small Blessings

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Small Blessings is a lovely little comic that tells the story of small little house spirits that give a helping hand where ever they can, whether it’s untangling phone cords or even just making sure things are fixed before anyone really notices.

We follow the everyday life of a specific house spirit named Alasdair as he does his best to take care of an old apartment building he has lived in all his life. We see him do his best to take care of the place as well as the people who live in it, befriend other spirits who reside in the building, and we even see a blossoming friendship between him and a young woman named Alicia.

This isn’t so much a fantasy adventure or anything, it’s just a lovely story about being kind. If anything it’s just the adventure of living your life and moving forward and all the scary things that come with it. It’s such a relatable story with the struggle of leaving your safe space and venturing out into new places.

The art starts out sketchy and rough, looking very much like doodles instead of a comic, but as it tends to happen, with each page you can see the slow refinement of the artist’s technique and you see the designs become much more refined. As you all most likely know by now I personally love seeing this kind of progression in a webcomic, it shows that the creators are still learning even as they tell their story.

It’s a small comic, so not really much else to say about it. Small Blessings is just very heartwarming and honestly has helped settle my thoughts down when I needed some peace. Sometimes what you need isn’t a grand adventure, sometimes all you need is a story like this one.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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