Review: Shattered Starlight

Review: Shattered Starlight

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Shattered Starlight is another webcomic all about Magical Girls, the only thing is that this story actually takes place after the main characters have become adults and yet still retain their abilities from their teenage years. We see them struggling to live a relatively normal life while dealing with the ridiculous responsibility of wielding unfathomable powers.

Our story opens up with the classic “Well guess I should tell you what’s going on” style monologue/exposition dump. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of opening really but I couldn’t help but think to myself “Oh, one of these” as I started reading. With the internet being so massive it’s no surprise that people would inevitably start making memes about lines like that. Anyways, moving right along.

Our main heroine for the day is one Farah Shaughnessy, former leader of the group known as the Star Guardians. She has just lost a job thanks to an impulse to blast her boss through a wall and several cubicles with a magic attack. Apparently, he deserved it, but the Empress isn’t having any of it and reassigns her to work in a small cafe. Once there, things quickly start happening and a few old shadows from the past begin creeping back up. So begins Shattered Starlight, a truly interesting take on the Magical Girl genre.

I’ve always been a fan of stories that place you at a point in time where things have already happened and you’re basically seeing the consequences of those events. While we are given hints and little bits of the story, we aren’t given enough that we can immediately piece things together entirely. I love all the whys and whos that are popping up, it’s so intriguing to see these characters talk about the past and you see that it’s painful and full of all kinds of heartache. Once physical copies are announced you can be damned sure I’m getting this for my shelf.

The art style is so good as well, mainly being in black and white with colors thrown in very specific spots so that when more color does show up you know it’s probably important, but that doesn’t mean only things with color are story relevant. Later on, there’s an encounter with a character with no color at all, and it seems things are going to revolve around her for a while at least. It’s a wonderful twist to things that will only really be answered once the story progresses, and I really want to know what’s going on asap.

So many questions, so few pages. Don’t know what the update schedule is for this comic is but I’m happy that the most recent page was posted a week ago. Give Shattered Starlight a read, let me know your thoughts on it.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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