If magic was real what would you do with it? I mean you have literally the power of the universe at your fingertips so what’s stopping you from doing whatever you want? Of course, there are always rules to this sort of power so you probably couldn’t do anything absolutely insane.

For Kimber and Jeremy, two siblings living on the street after running away from home, they are about to have this very question thrown at them. What will they choose? How will they decide to focus their studies? There’s really only one way to find out, let’s all sit back and enjoy Phantasmagoria of Forgotten Gods.

Our story opens with a young woman, Kimber, running through an alley after attempting to steal some food and getting caught in the act. After some very quick thinking she pulls a melon from her satchel, I assume the item she stole, wraps it in her cloak and tosses it down a turn before diving for cover. Once the coast is clear she gets up, complains about her predicament, then notices something odd. A house has apparently appeared where she thinks one wasn’t previously. She sneaks in and begins to rummage about until she finds a storage room full of medicines and quickly pockets some very strong painkillers before someone hears her, causing Kimber to panic and make a break for it. After escaping she makes her way back to her brother and alls well that ends well, or so we think. That night, they are found by the owner of the house, as the house moves closer to them Howl’s Moving Castle style, and things get ugly in a very unexpected way. So begins our story.

While the basic premise of this story, siblings discovering a world of magic or some other amazing power, isn’t necessarily new I honestly never get tired of seeing people take the concept and shaping it to their needs. Writing is similar to clay in that respect, very malleable sometimes while stiff and rigid other times.

From what I’ve read in the wonderfully done little Q&As that pop up every so often in between pages, the creator has actually done some research on the lore of Witches as well as their history. This has probably played a part in the story already, I don’t know enough to have noticed too much, but I honestly hope we get even more as the story progresses. I love learning about mythology and different cultures so I’m excited to see what they implement into the universe they have created.

The art is already incredible showing wonderful anatomy as well as an incredible understanding of color and lighting. I love some of the expressions the characters make, and I especially love how even someone whose face we haven’t even seen can still show plenty of emotion. I don’t know why but I just love how lips are drawn in this comic, I adore how the mouths are illustrated for some reason. Might just be me, might be because of how the artist draws them, who knows?

While still relatively new with only three chapters under its belt, Phantasmagoria of Forgotten Gods is full of that rich, magicy goodness I love to see in any form of fiction. It has a flare all its own that I can’t wait to see shine later on. Start reading now and catch up on what I can already tell will be a great ride!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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