Oceanfalls is the story of a young boy named Nino who wakes up in a dark forest with no recollection of pretty much anything aside from his name. With his trusty sword and his power of healing he makes his way through and finds himself in the company of a little monster girl named Five, a ghost dog named, and I’m quoting this “ Ludwig Grimm von Phantomhound”, and a young girl named Aria. Despite many odd and strange thoughts that pop into our characters heads, they do their best to forge on in this fun little adventure.

What will we find? What is Nino’s past? Can Five get any cuter than she already is? We’ll just have to read along and find out.

I’ve read maybe a handful of comics in this style, some I find interesting and enjoyable, others I just couldn’t seem to get behind all the hype. Oceanfalls is thankfully very much in the enjoyable category. It has a good plot hook right from the beginning, though amnesia is always fun in my book, and gives us a quick idea of how certain things work right away. We don’t have the full picture just yet but overall we can guess a few bits and pieces as the story progresses.

Speaking of, the story is interesting and only gets even more so once a certain couple of scenes are read. They raise even further questions about Nino while still keeping his past a relative mystery. I’d love to see more about our other characters as well, but this kind of comic requires a tad more patience since we basically get single panels every page. I’m patient so I don’t mind waiting, though if I don’t get my fix of Five cuteness I may have to start diving into the fanart.

The art style is very cartoony, taking a few stylized choices when it comes to the anatomy of the characters. Personally, I think if the art was any closer to more realistic anatomy it wouldn’t look as good as it does currently. I am excited to see how the artist slowly evolves and improves their art as the comic progress. It’s always fun to see the practice and love put into a story and watching as it grows into an adventure.

All in all this one is definitely a keeper, it’s only a year old give or take a month or two, so there’s plenty of time to get caught up before it gets too long. I’m excited to add another wonderful webcomic to my reading list as well as happy to have reviewed it.

Before I sign off, to anyone who would start comparing Oceanfalls to another comic just because they are published through the same format, please think twice before doing so. I know that other comic was popular and still has quite the following, but you can’t compare one person’s five book saga to another person’s chapter one.  Let this one be its own story, let it grow. Because who knows, maybe it will end up being just as good or even better than the five book saga. Only time can really tell.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

I couldn’t find a patreon page, but you can buy the soundtrack over on bandcamp for your own price. There is also a Discord Server you can join if you like the comic and wanna interact with the community. If you wanna keep up with any future updates be sure to follow the official Oceanfalls Tumblr @oceanfalls-official , and if you just wanna keep up with the artist’s shenanigans then follow them over on their own blog @itsnightsy . If you like my reviews consider supporting me over on Patreon right over here. Every little bit helps! Thanks so much for reading.


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