Review: Messenger

Review: Messenger

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Dare Crilley is the best bike messenger in town, maybe even the best in the world. Nothing stops her from completing a delivery, not rain, sleet, snow, or even destructive riots stop her from doing her job. Her tenacity, as well as her ability to make decisive choices, are exactly why the gods of the universe choose her to be their new Messenger.

Another pretty new comic, but it looks rather interesting so far. Usually, in stories about gods, it’s all high adventure and daring tales of heroism. Instead here was have a story of a young woman just trying to save some money to open up her own bike shop and gets roped into a new job. All the different types of gods in this story are so interesting and some of them are downright hilarious. I really want to see more of them soon, but I’ll try and be patient as the story builds itself properly.

Speaking of, what I can see of the story so far is very interesting with some lore spread out alongside the character building. It can occasionally feel scattered when scenes switch back and forth rapid fire, but it’s not too bad. It actually goes really well with the flow of the comic the more I think about it.

The art style has this very painted look to it. The backgrounds look like they were done in watercolors almost while the characters themselves look like the digital art we’re all used to seeing. It’s quite a lovely contrast in my opinion and I genuinely can’t wait to see further improvements upon it.

While still in it’s early days the updates are pretty hefty with several pages going up every Monday. So there will be plenty of this comic before you know it!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Couldn’t find a pareton for either of the creators, but consider showing your support by subscribing to their comic on Webtoons! They also have their own twitters over  @PaulTobin and  @rays__helll. Like my reviews? I have a patreonyou can check out. Thanks for reading.


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