Review: Irregular

Review: Irregular

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Irregular is the story of a group of children and teens who are one way or another related or descended from creatures of myth, legend, folk tales, and even conspiracy theories. As a fan of all things fictional, I have always loved when people took the stories that some of us grew up hearing and showing how the world might be if those stories happened to be true.

We open up with the man pictured above, on his way to deliver information about a group of “irregularities” to a strange man whose face we never see. After a conversation, followed by one hell of a threat, we immediately jump to the group of children in question.

We have Maggie, the resident Eldritch child, bundle of joy, and everyone’s alarm clock; Clarice, a quiet young selkie girl; Newt, a young alien lizard boy; N’Gundi, a quiet young man who can change into a Nandi Bear; Sylvie, the will-o-the-wisp full of attitude; and Omar, the protective half-yeti. All of these kids have lived together for who knows how long, slowly learning their abilities and powers, trying their best at school subjects, and just barely managing to avoid going stir crazy. One day, however, someone manages to hack into the computers and threaten them which causes a whole slew of things to happen, but I’m not about to spoil anything so you better start reading if you want to find out more.

I love this story so far, it gives you a wonderful peak into each of the characters personalities immediately, after introducing one hell of a creepy villain, while also keeping this mysterious vibe around everything. So far we only really know two of the main characters backstories, well technically we’re learning the second right now. There is prejudice, innocence, and all around just top notch storytelling, what’s not to love?

The art is already fantastic, I am absolutely in love with how each of the main cast is designed. While a couple of them look completely human at times others, Maggie for example, just have such a great look it’s hard to believe, not to mention Maggie is just a ball of sunshine, and I adore her. I will fight anyone who says she’s not cute. Sylvie has a wonderful look to her as well, especially when she’s using her powers, really haunting and creepy just like the legends of the wisps.

While there aren’t many updates just yet, only three chapters and a prologue, that just gives you time to catch up. I know it’s still new but the newer stories deserve just as much attention as the longer-running ones. Give it a read, become a fan, and let me know what you think.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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