Review: How to be a Werewolf

Review: How to be a Werewolf

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How to be a werewolf tells the story of one young woman named Malaya Walters who has spent most of her life trying to live as normally as possible, despite the fact that at the early age of five she was bitten by a werewolf and her life was changed forever.

Staying relatively safe in her little-bottlenecked world she goes from her job at her family-run cafe to her younger brother’s college and back to their home in the woods (how very convenient) Malaya functions just fine. Then her entire world is… Not so much shattered as it is… Disturbed? Is that a good way of saying it? Anyways, Elias Ross comes along, and trying to do the right thing like the nice guy he is, attempts to warn her about some strange deaths in the area but inadvertently drawing her into a whole new mess of problems in the process. So begins a journey of rediscovering one’s self, exploring limits in all different forms, and all while introducing SO many characters I now have massive crushes on. Be still my beating pan heart.

I absolutely adore were stories. Werewolves, as well as their cousins (werebear, tiger etc.), are among my top five favorite monsters so this story already had me with that. The story itself just adds on top of that love so wonderfully, giving great character growth, having amazing examples of very relatable anxieties, strong messages of family bonds and how those bonds aren’t defined entirely by blood, and even explores the true horrors of emotional abuse. (BTW Big fat trigger warning as the big baddy is a real piece of work. Even I found myself feeling panicked from reading her dialogue.)

The artwork is also very well done, starting out looking almost like it was done traditional pencil and paper style because of thanks to this hazy texture everything seems to have in the first chapter or so. While most everything in the background still has some degree of that haze in later pages, it’s not as prominent compared to the beginning. It also starts out black and white, obviously, with a few pages of color here and there before settling into full color much later and reducing the mentioned haze completely as it does.

As far as werewolf stories go this is what I’d call a good starter story. Not too crazy on violence or sex, most of which is simply implied, but just enough action to make it heart pounding when shit does hit the fan. Also, the title kind gives me personally this nostalgic feeling for this old book series I read in high school. At least it does for the first book. Anywho, check the comic out, if you’re already a fan of werewolves you’re probably gonna like it, and if you’re not like I said this is a good starter story.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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