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From the amazing mind that brought wonderful stories such as Hearts for Sale,  Lost Nightmare, and more comes yet another to add to any comic lovers collection.

Demon Studies tells the tale of a university where magic and the study of the occult are the norms. We open up with orientation day, where all the students gather together and the teachers give a speech on what they hope for in the coming years. Of course, it wouldn’t be a supernatural school if the first thing that happens is for a few students getting to summon their own demons for an optional class.

Four students step up and four demons are summoned, each one looking completely unique and amazing. This strange class is set up to have the students live with their demons for three years before exorcising them, learning about the demons and themselves along the way. Of course, having a demonic familiar is never an easy thing and only time will tell what difficulties lie ahead for our ragtag bunch.

While the story type isn’t by any means original, what with all the “magic school” stories that are out there, Demon Studies does an excellent job of defining itself straight away as it’s own unique entity. While most stories have the schools follow a strict “keep students safe” rule, this one literally opens up with students doing one of the most dangerous things that can be done in any fantasy setting. There’s a very real danger right off the bat, and it is constantly reiterated thanks to a specific character even though we don’t know his story just yet.

The art style has those same soft and warm colors that can be seen in the rest of the artist’s comics, although in my personal opinion I feel that many leaps and bounds have been made in their abilities since I last read Lost Nightmare. Everything has this polished, well thought out design and nothing ever looks stiff or slow. The lines of action are well done, showing the illusion of movement very very well, and the tone of each scene is always perfectly conveyed.

Demon Studies is still in its early stages, only having the first chapter completed with the second barely started, but I know for a fact it is going to be well done no matter what. Give it a read, tell me who your favorite demon is!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you enjoy the comic please consider showing your support via patreon. Every little bit helps, and if not just a friendly signal boost is always appreciated. If you want to follow the artist on social media be sure to check out @miyuliart as well as the about page for tons of other links. If you like my reviews you can also support my patron page if you want. Thanks for reading!

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Various Everythings is a slice of life, fantasy story following three people simply dealing with life and all its problems as they grow and learn to understand the experiences they have had. We see the good times and bad, the mean people and nice, and we see the consequences of decisions made in the past.

Our three characters are David a male witch sex worker, his boyfriend Mathias, and a succubus named Seirath. The one we have focused on the most so far though is David, most of which has been very extensive backstory told via flashback. We watch his childhood, adolescence, and even up to his teenage years as well as his reactions as he remembers many things that affected him.

This is only the first story of our main characters but it already hit me hard as soon as I got a few pages into the first chapter. Minus the fantasy things obviously, I had similar experiences to David. Being bullied and treated terribly for the dumbest reasons, it really hit pretty hard. Aside from that, the story is really we done doing an excellent job of not only giving us information on a main character but also building the side characters as well as the world at the same time, all in flashbacks!

The art style is very stylized and has this certain flair to it with lots of exaggerated expressions that just reminds me of old 90s anime. That comparison isn’t necessarily a bad thing it is just something I noticed and found kind of neat. I love the big expressions myself as they are both nostalgic as well as just really well done. The colors are another thing I just love, being able to show various atmospheres while still using these warmer colors that look almost like watercolors.

A beautifully done story with amazing art with lots of great representation throughout by the way! Give it a read, let me know what you think.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you like the comic consider supporting the creator over on Patreon and Ko-Fi. Fair warning that there is some NSFW stuff, so be wary of that. If you want to just follow on social media check out the tumblr @mcsiggy and on twitter @siggykuu. Like my reviews? I also have a patreon you can check out. Thanks for ready!

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Imagine if the world was just an endless maze of corridors, hallways, and rooms. Each person has a room to themselves and lives there in relative comfort, aside from the fact that they must scavenge food while avoiding the eldritch horrors that have started roaming the halls and preying upon any who crosses their path. That is the premise of Endless Halls.

While it is a big world, our story centers on a young moth girl named Mia who has lived most of her life following the teachings of her “Moma” to “stay inside the safety of her room”. Moma seems to be out getting food for Mia, and possibly other things but we see very early on that while her life isn’t exactly difficult, our heroine isn’t at all happy with it.

One day Moma doesn’t show up with food, which causes Mia to start worrying. Also to start eating her couch but that’s beside the point.  After a strange series of events we see some kind of inspector appear, looking for something called a “specter”. While I know the broad definition of the word, I’m quite curious as to what one is in this story. The creature shows itself, the inspector makes his way into the room, and we soon see a fight quickly followed by young Mia escaping and running into the hallways, shouting desperately for her Moma, followed by a fragment of the specter.  So begins this strange tale.

I have to say, the story is fascinating just from the start. An entire world of maze-like hallways? It’s something right out of a fantasy novel which is incredibly appealing to me. Many many questions are raised early on which gives you something to latch onto and stay invested right away as well as Mia just being so cute. Like good god, I just want to wrap her in a blanket and protect her. All in all the story is top notch so far and I really am excited to see where it goes.

The art style, lord in heaven I love it so much. From the designs of the characters and specters to the overall atmosphere the hallways and rooms give, although we’ve only really seen Mia’s room so that’s not say a whole lot. It has a strange familiarity to me that I can’t quite place as if it is reminding me of a similar art style. Despite that everything also has this very dark and fantastical flare to it that I feel makes it rather unique. Not too dark and not too fantastic, just the right balance of the two.

Endless Halls is only on its second chapter so far, not including the prologue, so it’s a perfect time to start reading and catch up. I know I’ll be adding this to my already extensive list of favorites. Let me know what you think about it.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Sadly this is another comic I couldn’t find a patreon page for. If there is one, or if one is made in the future, please let me know and I’ll provide a link posthaste! Otherwise, you can follow for updates on Tumblr @widemouthink , and on Twitter  @widemouthink. Like my reviews? I have a patreon you can check out should you feel like. Thanks for reading!

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Dare Crilley is the best bike messenger in town, maybe even the best in the world. Nothing stops her from completing a delivery, not rain, sleet, snow, or even destructive riots stop her from doing her job. Her tenacity, as well as her ability to make decisive choices, are exactly why the gods of the universe choose her to be their new Messenger.

Another pretty new comic, but it looks rather interesting so far. Usually, in stories about gods, it’s all high adventure and daring tales of heroism. Instead here was have a story of a young woman just trying to save some money to open up her own bike shop and gets roped into a new job. All the different types of gods in this story are so interesting and some of them are downright hilarious. I really want to see more of them soon, but I’ll try and be patient as the story builds itself properly.

Speaking of, what I can see of the story so far is very interesting with some lore spread out alongside the character building. It can occasionally feel scattered when scenes switch back and forth rapid fire, but it’s not too bad. It actually goes really well with the flow of the comic the more I think about it.

The art style has this very painted look to it. The backgrounds look like they were done in watercolors almost while the characters themselves look like the digital art we’re all used to seeing. It’s quite a lovely contrast in my opinion and I genuinely can’t wait to see further improvements upon it.

While still in it’s early days the updates are pretty hefty with several pages going up every Monday. So there will be plenty of this comic before you know it!

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Couldn’t find a pareton for either of the creators, but consider showing your support by subscribing to their comic on Webtoons! They also have their own twitters over  @PaulTobin and  @rays__helll. Like my reviews? I have a patreonyou can check out. Thanks for reading.

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The Witch Door tells the story of two neighbors, one Katariina Lehto and a Jousia Muotka. Katariina is a nurse off on sick leave because of stress at work and Jousia is a clairvoyant, for obvious reasons they have never talked to one another. That is until one day a mischievous cat decides to snatch some important papers Kat drops and leads her into Jousia’s apartment. There he tells her that not only is he a clairvoyant, but he is also a witch as well as all sorts of other amazing and impossible things.

I really like this story for a bunch of different reasons, one of them being Kat is bisexual and we see her openly discriminated against because of it. While I haven’t personally been attacked for my orientation, it is just really nice to see the struggles many people go through not sugar-coated in any way. Another reason is that I identify with Katariina on some level regarding the stresses of life. I won’t go into details, but it was just comforting seeing someone struggle as much as I feel I do somedays.

As it is so far we’ve only gotten a glimpse of the mysteries this comic has to offer. We have a few insights into the main characters as well as an understanding of how some magic works in this particular universe. While the number of questions definitely outweighs the number of answers for the moment I am eager to see how it all plays out.

The art shows a very good understanding of anatomy and has the practiced look of someone who has been drawing for quite some time. I’m honestly curious to see where that artist’s style will go in the future considering they’re already at such an amazing level of expertise. Only time will tell, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle the waiting.

Another newer comic I highly recommend checking out. It still has some building up to do before I can start singing its praises from rooftops, but what is here already is a wonderful foundation. There are questions about both the characters and the rules of this world that I hope are answered, not to mention more of that adorable cat! Give it a read, let me know what you think.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Like The Witch Door? Consider supporting the artist over on Patreon! Just wanna follow on social media for now? Well then here’s the Tumblr: @kindlyanni(Warning, Her other comic Transfusions can be NSFW. You’re been warned!) and Twitter: @kindly_anni. like my reviews? I also have a patreon you can support. Thanks so much for reading!

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Small Blessings is a lovely little comic that tells the story of small little house spirits that give a helping hand where ever they can, whether it’s untangling phone cords or even just making sure things are fixed before anyone really notices.

We follow the everyday life of a specific house spirit named Alasdair as he does his best to take care of an old apartment building he has lived in all his life. We see him do his best to take care of the place as well as the people who live in it, befriend other spirits who reside in the building, and we even see a blossoming friendship between him and a young woman named Alicia.

This isn’t so much a fantasy adventure or anything, it’s just a lovely story about being kind. If anything it’s just the adventure of living your life and moving forward and all the scary things that come with it. It’s such a relatable story with the struggle of leaving your safe space and venturing out into new places.

The art starts out sketchy and rough, looking very much like doodles instead of a comic, but as it tends to happen, with each page you can see the slow refinement of the artist’s technique and you see the designs become much more refined. As you all most likely know by now I personally love seeing this kind of progression in a webcomic, it shows that the creators are still learning even as they tell their story.

It’s a small comic, so not really much else to say about it. Small Blessings is just very heartwarming and honestly has helped settle my thoughts down when I needed some peace. Sometimes what you need isn’t a grand adventure, sometimes all you need is a story like this one.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Like the comic? Consider buying the creator a Ko-Fi or even subscribing on their webtoons page. Wanna just follow on social media for now? Here’s some Tumblr links: @smallblessingscomic & @whitherling and Twitter of course:  @Whitherling. Like my reviews? Then please consider checking my patreon if you can. Every little bit helps. Thanks for reading!

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How to be a werewolf tells the story of one young woman named Malaya Walters who has spent most of her life trying to live as normally as possible, despite the fact that at the early age of five she was bitten by a werewolf and her life was changed forever.

Staying relatively safe in her little-bottlenecked world she goes from her job at her family-run cafe to her younger brother’s college and back to their home in the woods (how very convenient) Malaya functions just fine. Then her entire world is… Not so much shattered as it is… Disturbed? Is that a good way of saying it? Anyways, Elias Ross comes along, and trying to do the right thing like the nice guy he is, attempts to warn her about some strange deaths in the area but inadvertently drawing her into a whole new mess of problems in the process. So begins a journey of rediscovering one’s self, exploring limits in all different forms, and all while introducing SO many characters I now have massive crushes on. Be still my beating pan heart.

I absolutely adore were stories. Werewolves, as well as their cousins (werebear, tiger etc.), are among my top five favorite monsters so this story already had me with that. The story itself just adds on top of that love so wonderfully, giving great character growth, having amazing examples of very relatable anxieties, strong messages of family bonds and how those bonds aren’t defined entirely by blood, and even explores the true horrors of emotional abuse. (BTW Big fat trigger warning as the big baddy is a real piece of work. Even I found myself feeling panicked from reading her dialogue.)

The artwork is also very well done, starting out looking almost like it was done traditional pencil and paper style because of thanks to this hazy texture everything seems to have in the first chapter or so. While most everything in the background still has some degree of that haze in later pages, it’s not as prominent compared to the beginning. It also starts out black and white, obviously, with a few pages of color here and there before settling into full color much later and reducing the mentioned haze completely as it does.

As far as werewolf stories go this is what I’d call a good starter story. Not too crazy on violence or sex, most of which is simply implied, but just enough action to make it heart pounding when shit does hit the fan. Also, the title kind gives me personally this nostalgic feeling for this old book series I read in high school. At least it does for the first book. Anywho, check the comic out, if you’re already a fan of werewolves you’re probably gonna like it, and if you’re not like I said this is a good starter story.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Like the comic? If so, show some support if you’re able on the creators Patreon! Wanna just follow for future updates and maybe some cool art? Here’s the twitter:  @shawnlenore and Tumblr: @shawnlenore . (They should lead to both, but tumblr can be an ass with links so let me know and I’ll correct them if need be.) Like my reviews? I also have a patreon page if you’re able to show some support. Thanks for reading!

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Back when I first started posting about comics I did a review of Supernormal Step. It wasn’t exactly what I’d call a decent review if anything it was a paragraph that just said: “Hey, go read this it’s neat.” and that was it. I hadn’t figured out what to write about or even had a set up of what to discuss throughout the review. In honor of one of the earliest comics I started reading coming to an end I figured I’d revisit Fiona Dae and give a proper review of one of my old favorites.

Supernormal Step is a supernatural fantasy style webcomic about a young woman named Fiona Dae who is estranged from her family, travels around on her own in an RV, and does her best to simply get by even if it means picking a few pockets. One day she finds herself yanked through a portal into a strange world mirrored to our own where people are about as alien as you can get and magic is pretty much usable by anyone who takes the time to learn it and believe in it completely. We watch her struggle to learn to control magic, fight and survive many grueling encounters, go through several costume and design changes, save the day more than once, and all the while looking for a way to get home.

Calling Supernormal Step improvised is probably an understatement. Michael Lunsford, the creator, has said multiple times that when he wrote this first chapter he had no idea where this comic was supposed to end up. That sort of format isn’t bad but it definitely doesn’t give anything to the story either. There are times throughout the story where you can tell things where rushed or retconned a bit to fit a little better with the narrative, there are portions and characters you could probably remove completely and still be able to follow along. It’s definitely not the best, but it’s far from being the worst story out there.

The art, as mentioned before, changes a lot throughout its near decade life. Starting from this sort of cartoony whimsical looking and ending in a more realistic style. Sometimes, like in the beginning, all that’s changed is that Michael started shading the comic thus added a sort of depth that made everything jump to life a lot more than before, other times (after giving the comic a few read-throughs) I sort of raise my eyebrow at some of the design choices. By the end, I think the style is exactly what it needed to be though, I especially love Fiona’s style of magic. Lots of inspiration from classic rock and roll and music of all sorts, not just in her magic but through the comic as well.

When I heard that this comic was ending I was kind of sad. While I wasn’t reading it in 2009, hell I didn’t even know webcomics were a thing in 2009, I was reading Supernormal Step for a good chunk of my junior high and high school life. I actually started tearing up when I read the goodbye post to go along with the last few pages. Even with all its flaws and all its wacky storytelling, I personally wouldn’t change a single moment in this comic for anything. It wouldn’t be the comic it is today without it all. Everything is a learning process, and Michael has definitely learned a lot from doing this comic, which has me excited for his next big project called Speak of the Devil.

So while not a perfect comic, it still is one of my favorites. I’m glad I have a couple of physical copies to call my own. It’s flawed and messy, but it still has that passion in it that shows a lot of heart and good old fashion work went into making this every single day. The ending isn’t a perfect little happy ending, but I do like the allusions that are left behind, even if they aren’t intentional ones. It’s time to close one story off and get ready for the next now. So long Fiona Dae, you brick house. I’m gonna miss you.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you wanna support Michael in his future projects be sure to check out his Patreon page. Eager to keep up with news on Speak of the Devil? Well, head on over to @speakdevil . Mostly just concept art for now, but it all looks so amazing! Also be sure to follow him on Twitter over  @MikeLLunsford. for any other news on projects that he might be working on. If you like my reviews, please consider checking out my patreon as well. Thanks so much for reading.

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Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses is a supernatural fantasy style comic centering around a rather rough and tumble woman named Lave Faraday. Working with the local police for past crimes she finds herself first in a zombie summoning gone awry, then as a legal guardian for a young boy named Jake D`Crux who seems to suffer from some sort of trauma. Either way, it looks like this is gonna be a difficult assignment for Lave.

I love these kinds of comics, where the magical and crazy are just part of every day modern life. Of course, this particular comic has a plot point centering around a character who is for all intents and purposes a criminal. What sort of crimes she’s committed have been somewhat ben answered in an FAQ page later on, but we don’t really have much insight into her past. So while the story builds up we are given plenty of questions that hook you in and keep you reading if only to have them answered. Personally, I would be reading regardless, but the added mystery is just icing on the cake to me.

The story as a whole is so good and just downright fascinating to read. I always have fun seeing different interpretations of magic and how things are done. As of right now, it has been mostly character building with little drips of lore throughout the comic. I would like to see more lore, but I think it’s perfect as is for the moment.

The art is fairly well done in the first pages but really gets into its stride after the first chapter. You can tell that where some of the action seems stiff, or when the panel set up is a tad clunky starting out, later on, things just flow so smoothly and the action is much more dynamic and fluid.

All in all, It’s a fun story filled with magic, bloody violence, and a kid who needs to stop running off and stick with his guardian. If you like these kinds of comics I highly recommend giving Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses a read.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

If you like the comic consider supporting over on Patreon. If you just want to stay up to date in the meantime check out the Tumblr @clauseart and Twitter @AlicesBrainPad. Like my reviews? I also have a patreon. Every little bit helps, and thanks so much for reading as always.

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Shattered Starlight is another webcomic all about Magical Girls, the only thing is that this story actually takes place after the main characters have become adults and yet still retain their abilities from their teenage years. We see them struggling to live a relatively normal life while dealing with the ridiculous responsibility of wielding unfathomable powers.

Our story opens up with the classic “Well guess I should tell you what’s going on” style monologue/exposition dump. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of opening really but I couldn’t help but think to myself “Oh, one of these” as I started reading. With the internet being so massive it’s no surprise that people would inevitably start making memes about lines like that. Anyways, moving right along.

Our main heroine for the day is one Farah Shaughnessy, former leader of the group known as the Star Guardians. She has just lost a job thanks to an impulse to blast her boss through a wall and several cubicles with a magic attack. Apparently, he deserved it, but the Empress isn’t having any of it and reassigns her to work in a small cafe. Once there, things quickly start happening and a few old shadows from the past begin creeping back up. So begins Shattered Starlight, a truly interesting take on the Magical Girl genre.

I’ve always been a fan of stories that place you at a point in time where things have already happened and you’re basically seeing the consequences of those events. While we are given hints and little bits of the story, we aren’t given enough that we can immediately piece things together entirely. I love all the whys and whos that are popping up, it’s so intriguing to see these characters talk about the past and you see that it’s painful and full of all kinds of heartache. Once physical copies are announced you can be damned sure I’m getting this for my shelf.

The art style is so good as well, mainly being in black and white with colors thrown in very specific spots so that when more color does show up you know it’s probably important, but that doesn’t mean only things with color are story relevant. Later on, there’s an encounter with a character with no color at all, and it seems things are going to revolve around her for a while at least. It’s a wonderful twist to things that will only really be answered once the story progresses, and I really want to know what’s going on asap.

So many questions, so few pages. Don’t know what the update schedule is for this comic is but I’m happy that the most recent page was posted a week ago. Give Shattered Starlight a read, let me know your thoughts on it.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Like this comic? Be sure to show some support over on Patreon! Wanna just follow on social media? Here’s the Tumblr: @mochazombie and Twitter: @mocha_zombie. Like my reviews? I also have a patreon. Thanks for reading!